Pedagogy and the space(s) we create together

(Un)learning is a collective practice, one where we talk, sit, laugh and move together. Through words, spirit, text, aesthetics, affect and sound, we assemble. Moving as murmurations we unfold the knowledge our bodies hold. The archive of our lived experiences rub against the music we listen to together. We witness suppressed subjectivities emerging. We allow connections to form. The hazy layer of colonial fuckery parts. We pave the way for new ways of seeing. We rupture hierarchies of knowledge and power. We create ecologies of radical consciousness together. This is the space we dwell in. So we can (re)arrange the scripts which hold us hostage. Transformed by the movement of our (un)learning, we glide into (re)imagined futures, ones where we are all practising freedom. 

In other words, I try to co-create a learning space which is radical, creating a new script for what it is to be, feel and think when we gather around ways of coming into knowledge. Rupturing hierarchy and the colonial logic of thought, I want us to come into our space knowing that we carry bodies of knowledge. Through conversating with each other, flows of learning become multi-directional. Committed to Black liberation, the space is one where we develop the tools needed to truly transform the world, or at least, continue unfinished conversations on how to do so, through radical praxis.

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